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The Team - Edriss Ebu


EWCP Manager


Edriss Ebu was born in a small rural village in Bale, and attended the local school on the boundary of what is now the Bale Mountains National Park. Between school lessons, Edriss would spend his free time hanging out in the park and thus he developed his love for the highland environment that is his home. At 17, he joined Claudio as his field assistant, and has been working for EWCP ever since. To this day, Edriss is recognized amongst his conservationist peers, researchers, and many film makers, as one of the most knowledgeable of our Ethiopian wolf champions.


As EWCP Manager, Edriss is responsible for communicating with local partners and supervises a large team of local staff, who carry out duties ranging from wolf monitoring, vaccination campaigns and community education. Having once been responsible for carrying out these activities himself, Edriss realises the various needs and challenges of each position, which make him a sympathetic and motivating manager, well positioned to advise on the best course of action when necessary.


Contact: edris.ebu@ethiopianwolf.org