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Projects - monitoring & research


To detect changes of status and threats in all wolf populations, and find solutions to conservation problems.


Scientific publications on Ethiopian wolves


Success in species conservation relies on a deep understanding of the target species and its ecology. To achieve this level of understanding, EWCP works with Monitors and Wolf Ambassadors across the Ethiopian highlands, and involves national and international students that conduct research on priority topics.


The aim of this project is to detect changes in the status and threats to Ethiopian wolf populations, to disseminate this information, and to develop evidence-based solutions to current and emerging conservation problems.




With Monitoring and Research in place: 

·  diseases among wolves are detected at an early stage, and interventions implemented as soon as possible, saving the lives of many wolves

·  governments, protected area managers and local communities are informed about emerging threats, creating awareness of conservation needs

·  conservation interventions to minimise negative impacts of threats are investigated and tested scientifically

·  capacity for wildlife monitoring is built among EWCP staff, protected areas staff and local communities (e.g. Wolf Ambassadors, community guards).