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Our mission is to secure viable and ecologically functioning Ethiopian wolf populations and habitats, and to emphasise its role as a flagship for the conservation and sustainable use of the Afroalpine ecosystem, on which present and future generations of Ethiopians also depend.

The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme is a WildCRU (University of Oxford) endeavour working under an agreement with Ethiopia's Wildlife Conservation Department and Regional Governments, with the aegis of the IUCN Canid Specialist Group. The strategic plan for the conservation of Ethiopian wolves outlines our goals for the next 10 years.

These are the pillars of our work :

MONITORING to detect changes of status and threats in all wolf populations 

RESEARCH to find solution to conservation problems

DISEASE CONTROL  to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases on wolf populations

EDUCATION to gain support for conservation and to foster coexistence of wolves and people

BUILDING CAPACITY for long-term solutions for Ethiopian wolf conservation 

OUTREACH to develop mechanisms to fairly share the costs and benefits of conservation

HABITAT PROTECTION to stop extinctions and to booster populations 

MANAGEMENT to ensure meta-population persistence and to maintain genetic variability